Tai Chi Push Hands – Immovable Liu Hung Chieh and Old Zhu

by Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

This is a great video clip. In my book The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi on page 242 I tell the story about when I first meet my main teacher and Taoist Master Liu Hung Chieh:

“On one of my first days with Liu, he asked about my martial arts background. Liu said that I looked big and strong, which I was, being over 200 pounds. As a small test, he got up and put his hand in the Bagua Single Palm Change posture and asked me to move it. I could not. I couldn’t even move one of his fingers. This man never weighed more than 110 pounds and I could not move his finger with my entire bulk despite all the skill and power I had developed over twenty years of training. Like Wang Shu Jin, Liu said that having chi was more important than having size, youth or strength.”

Liu taught me his system for bagua which I have just released with the Bagua Mastery Program.

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No-body important November 15, 2010 at 7:44 am

Amazing.I watched a program on t.v the other night that said scientists had got
this whole gravity theory wrong & it was more like electro-magnetic fields that
either attracted or repelled objects.Could this be what these chi-kung masters
tap into when the sink their chi or can jump unreal heights


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