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Bagua Zhang

The following bagua video is a demonstration of bagua roll the ball.

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A recent photo in Hutong Park, Beijing – Demonstrating the Bagua Single Palm Change

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A short post to say we are relaunching the Bagua Mastery Program for a limited time. We have printed an initial 100 units. We are closing the program before the New Year and will not reopen until 2013. Here is the link:

Bagua Mastery Program Launch

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Bruce with Gao Ji Wu – Current President of the Beijing Bagua AssociationIn Beijing last week I awoke super early and had the feeling I should go to the park to meet someone. I know not who! It is important to follow you hunches in life.

After rousing my wife, off we went to Tien Tan (Temple of Heaven) Park, where I used to learn and practice with Feng Zher Chiang over 25 years ago. I also spent a lot of time in the park practicing a rare form of Northern Preying Mantis which I did with Li Jing Ru who is also known for bagua.

Back then, Tien Tan Park was one of the largest and most important parks for martial artists to practice. Don’t ask me how but I have always had a knack for finding masters in the oddest ways.  Today it was extremely cold, but when you have a intuition you have to see where it leads you.

When we got there we asked and were directed towards where people are practicing some martial arts.  The energy didn’t feel right. We then met an elder man who pointed us in a different direction.  As we walked down the road through the park, we saw people practicing with steel whips, a traditional Chinese weapon. We were definitely getting closer. Read More

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2011 Tai Chi Instructor Training Group

Hi folks,

I am still traveling and currently in Beijing where I am getting ready for an interview with China Radio International. They will be filming me in the park doing tai chi. I have been making short posts about my trip on Facebook if you are interested.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in China but tonight we are thinking of going out for a Peking duck as the closest substitute. If you celebrate the holiday wherever you are located, I hope you enjoy your turkey rather than the dish we saw on the menu yesterday in a restaurant across from our hotel, Student Addicted to Bullfrog. I am not sure what that is but we decided to give it a pass.

Today I wanted to share my gratitude for a few things. Read More

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Energy Arts Instructor Lee Burkins demonstrating bagua with motion capture monitor

The internal martial art of Bagua Zhang and the highest levels of Tai Chi are ultimately based on the sphere.

If you look at a circle, you will see it is two dimensional. This circle effectively moves on one plane. A sphere infinitely combines circles, moving on three primary planes — allowing for movement up, down, forward, back, left and right.

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Everything changes. Every moment in time is unique unto itself. Every moment in time carries a shadow of the past and in many ways the future is nothing more than a projection of the past. What happened before is going to happen again, although in exactly what way is hard to predict.

The nature of change is that you must have the capacity for it.

Whether you’re trying to go from one qigong movement to the next, from walking the bagua circle to changing directions, going from one meditative state to another or going from one event in life to another, you develop the ability to change. Read More

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Bruce with Taoist Master Liu Hung Chieh

The most important thing in any martial arts is not what style you study, or the brand name, but rather the level of fighting skill of the individual.

A world-class racing driver in a so-so car will beat a poor driver in the world’s best car. Only when two drivers are of equal skill will the technology of the car be the determining factor in who wins the race.

Each martial arts school has its special kung fu or “skill technology.” For example, the lineage of Tung Hai-Ch’uan became famous for its special kung fu techniques. All students could learn the movements, but only a few learned the kung fu techniques that had bagua zhang’s unique flavor and power. This kung fu is genuinely internal and is a subject of doing, not talking. Read More

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This is a great video clip. In my book The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi on page 242 I tell the story about when I first meet my main teacher and Taoist Master Liu Hung Chieh:

“On one of my first days with Liu, he asked about my martial arts background. Liu said that I looked big and strong, which I was, being over 200 pounds. As a small test, he got up and put his hand in the Bagua Single Palm Change posture and asked me to move it. I could not. I couldn’t even move one of his fingers. This man never weighed more than 110 pounds and I could not move his finger with my entire bulk despite all the skill and power I had developed over twenty years of training. Like Wang Shu Jin, Liu said that having chi was more important than having size, youth or strength.”

Liu taught me his system for bagua which I have just released with the Bagua Mastery Program.

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Bagua Double Palm Change Video Clips

June 18, 2010

*To view clips in high quality, start playing the video and then change the 360p setting in the bottom right to 720p* Taoist Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis demonstrates the energies of the single, double, and smooth palm changes and how they are used in martial arts fighting applications. This footage was taken from Bruce’s Bagua ... Read More

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Bagua Double Palm Change Summer Retreat

May 24, 2010

During the summer, in early June, I’m going to be teaching the baguazhang double palm change in California at Menlo College. We will cover how to do the Bagua Double Palm Change and we’ll also be covering some of the baguazhang single palm change  because the single palm change is also part of double palm ... Read More

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