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At the end of last year,  I suggested that people forgive. Forgive others and forgive themselves. And if you know you did wrong or someone else did wrong, forget the blame and emotional energy, let go and just don’t repeat it.

For this Chinese New Year we are at a time when it really pays to look over a long period of time and start changing what we all do so that things can work out much better for the long haul.

The Year of the Water Dragon is a special type of energy that only occurs every 60 years. It interesting that this falls during 2012, the supposed end of the world or the dawning of a new global spiritual awakening depending on whom you talk to. I want to give you a few perspectives on the Year of the Water Dragon that you may find interesting. Read More

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Year of the Metal Rabbit – Photo by Zanthia

The Metal Rabbit in 2011

Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit. Last year was the year of the Metal Tiger, and it was a very rough time for many. The Metal Tiger year is known to bring problems, wild swings and much excitement. This previous year also brought things to the surface personally and collectively so that you had to deal with them.

World events that have built up and come to fruition during the Metal Tiger year of 2010-2011, for example the current protests in Egypt and surrounding areas, will be influenced by the peace-loving and harmonious influence of the Metal Rabbit in 2011-2012.

The Rabbit together with the Metal element equals harmony. This year harmony will be pursued, and everything will be made very smooth and even. Some might find this year very boring, but sometimes that is the nature of harmony, it lacks excitement.

The wonderful Tai Chi Master William Chen of New York has been known to say that instead of getting excited, what you need to do is allow yourself to relax.

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Artist Photo of Soft Gamma Repeater (SGR) by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

The word Tao has many meanings. First, there is the Tao of doing anything, which is the same as the ideal way of doing something. You must travel on a particular path in order to wind up where that path leads. Going a little deeper, the word Tao considers the question: What connects everything and yet has no specific quality of its own? That’s the center of the I Ching. It has no quality and yet everything is connected to it, everything comes out of it, everything flows through it.

The word Ziran embodies a very important concept in Taoism and has a number of large meanings. If we go from the deepest to the most superficial meaning, it essentially has the same meaning as Tao. The Chinese actually call it Tao Ziran, which means “the great natural.” Read More

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Year of the Tiger_Tai Chi MasterSumatran Tiger Photo by Brimac the 2nd

We are now getting ready to enter the Year of the Tiger and there are several things that I think are helpful for you as an update.  The first one is that we are nearing the end of winter, so within a month from now, during the winter period of time, the most valuable thing you can do is to rest so you have energy for the rest of the year.

This is so your system will regenerate, much like you leave a field fallow in the winter so in the spring it can grow again.  Now that we’ve finished the bulk of the winter and we have less than a month left before the next phase starts, you want to start just like a person who has been very, very sleepy and is waking up, very slowly. Read More

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