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Dragon & Tiger Qigong

Hi folks,

I wanted to announce that we are offering three scholarships for the
Dragon and Tiger Qigong Instructor Training this June in memory of
Richard Amarnick, a long-term Energy Arts student who recently passed.
You can read more details about the scholarships here:

Richard Amarnick Scholarship Fund

Richard was a man of strong integrity and perseverance. He liked to
help people whenever he could and his help was always appreciated.
He will be sorely missed.

In loving peace,




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Hi Folks,

We have officially opened the Dragon and Tiger Qigong online course. Senior Instructor Bill Ryan will take you through the seven movements in seventy days – or ten weeks. Of course, you can go through the program at your own pace too. You can check out details and signup here:

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Course Launch

We are going to keep the launch open for a short time and then close it down so that Bill can take the first group through the program. Grab your spot and make the Year of the Water Dragon your best ever.


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In this video Senior Energy Arts Instructor Bill Ryan talks about the three principles of qigong and does a short demonstration of Dragon and Tiger Qigong where he explains a bit about each of the seven movements.

We will be launching the Dragon and Tiger Online Course with Bill Ryan within the next day.

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Picture by Spacebom

At the end of last year,  I suggested that people forgive. Forgive others and forgive themselves. And if you know you did wrong or someone else did wrong, forget the blame and emotional energy, let go and just don’t repeat it.

For this Chinese New Year we are at a time when it really pays to look over a long period of time and start changing what we all do so that things can work out much better for the long haul.

The Year of the Water Dragon is a special type of energy that only occurs every 60 years. It interesting that this falls during 2012, the supposed end of the world or the dawning of a new global spiritual awakening depending on whom you talk to. I want to give you a few perspectives on the Year of the Water Dragon that you may find interesting. Read More

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Hi folks,

I am now on the road and already in Europe. I’ll be teaching soon and look forward to seeing everyone, especially for the Wu Style Instructor Training, something I have not done for about 10 years.

If you can’t make the whole training I invite you to come for a week or a weekend event. It will be fun and we have a great group attending.

If you are a student of Energy Arts, qigong or tai chi, you probably already realize that one of the fundamental principles is these practices are based on moving energy through the meridian lines of the body. With qigong practices like Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong you learn to actually feel the chi or energy move through your body. Read More

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Here is a nice video we put together a while ago giving an overview of the Dragon and Tiger Qigong set:

Energy Arts instructors (Bill Ryan, Kurt Miyajima, Susan Kansky) demonstrate Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is the first of the moving practices in the Energy Arts system. Dragon and Tiger Qigong was developed 1500 years ago and was originally developed in the Shaolin Temple.

The Shaolin temple was a place where Taoism and Buddhism fused inside of China. Dragon and Tiger Qigong is known as Medical Qigong because it seeks to activate the acupuncture meridian lines in the body.  It is comprised of 7 movements and each movement activates different meridian lines in specific ways.

Of all of the hundreds of Qigong sets I looked at in China, I found Dragon and Tiger Qigong was the easiest to learn while still providing the bulk of the benefits. It is also very easy to feel Chi or Qi when you do this Qigong practice. Finally this set helps you connect the internal and external energies of your body.

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pregnant-mother-martial-artsPregnant woman Martial Arts photo by dizznbonn

This blog is in response to someone asking about practicing Dragon & Tiger qigong during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women get stagnant Chi at various points during their pregnancy as a natural effect of having a child.  It’s different with some women than others.  There are many things that Dragon and Tiger can be helpful for  in terms of stagnant Chi and Read More

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One of the most important qigong sets that I teach is called Dragon and Tiger Qigong (chi gung or chi king).

The subject of Dragon and Tiger Qigong is appropriate for many reasons, but primarily because I see it having tremendous value in terms of the looming healthcare tsunami. It is one of the best qigong sets to learn to work with your etheric body and while in China I was taught it by an extraordinary woman… Read More

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