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Bruce Frantzis_Meditation and Sinking Chi

Sinking your chi is a very important skill to learn to keep your body healthy. As we move from Winter into the Spring sinking your chi helps you clear out old energies in your body. The simple fact is that during the Winter most people do not sink their chi.  The chi in the body becomes stuck and does not easily move downward.

Chi becomes stagnant in the winter season because of the cold. Winter is the time when the kidneys are activated. This in general brings up the emotions of fear and a sense of loneliness. In the winter we have dark days without sunlight because of rain. Then there is the cold snow in some places.

All of these factors can get your Chi stuck. So, it’s very important that when you’re coming out of the winter to focus on having your chi drop or sink. Let’s explore two ways you can sink your chi… Read More

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Winter Solstice_Tai Chi Master

Recharge for the Solstice and New Year (photo by: Wolfgang Staudt)

Welcome to my new blog!

I will be posting and writing frequently here on a wide range of topics from tai chi to qigong, taoism and buddhism, meditation, current event and other things that I feel called to share and that I think will be useful for you.

Right now I am in Hawaii on Maui. Life is great and I am happy to be resting from a long year of teaching.

Monday was the winter solstice and the day before had parties on Maui to celebrate the solstice as was the custom in many traditional cultures throughout the world including the TAOISTS of Ancient China, Native Americans and the Hawaiians. Read More

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