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musashi5Many people talk about “peaceful warriors” to the point that it has become a cliché, not to mention an oxymoron because war is not peaceful. If you are a real warrior, in the classic sense of the word, it means that you’re going to have to go out and fight, beat people up, kill them and be involved in war.

Now for most people this is terribly unrealistic and not something they want to do. As a matter of fact the majority of people who have to go through war really wish they hadn’t.

That said if you are a spiritual warrior, at least from an Eastern point of view, you are someone who will fight every battle until you become enlightened, giving no quarter to anything inside you that prevents you from persevering.

It’s a fairly courageous act and one that, frankly speaking, most people haven’t got the guts to tackle. The idea is really great. Everyone loves the concept and it’s not that the concept isn’t wonderful, but actually doing it is rough. Read More

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Sand Dunes_H Dragon

Death Valley (Photo by: H Dragon)

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but when I was young I was an avid reader. I could read a 500-page book in a day and a half or two and actually digest it. Then, I went through a long period where I didn’t read at all, especially not in English.

I didn’t particularly like fiction when I was young. In fact, I almost exclusively read non-fiction with two exceptions. I actually really liked  Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, which is about the French Revolution. In junior high school, when I was 12, I picked up the book The Hobbit on a Friday afternoon and I had read the entire Lord of the Rings series before the weekend was out.

Even still,  I really didn’t care for fiction. I still find most fiction novels boring as hell.

One of things that I did when I came back from China, at some point in the 90’s, was pick up the book Dune by Frank Herbert because a friend of mine said that it was really cool. I found that there are many ideas in Dune that mirror those in Taoism… Read More

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