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Five Elements

Hi Everyone,

This Summer I will release a live DVD Training Program for Hsing-i, Santi and the standing postures of I Chuan. In my opinion these practices are ‘the fastest way to build your Chi and martial power’.

Join the launch list to see free videos and to download a PDF on Hsing-i from my book Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi:

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Hsing-i is the least known of the three main internal martial arts (the other two being tai chi and bagua). It is the most yang of the internal martial arts and with consistent practice can rapidly make the body healthy and strong.  Each of the five core movements correspond to one of the elements within Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory.

I Chuan was derived from hsing-i and involves standing in specific postures to open up the chi in your body. I am happy to be releasing this material and hope that more discover the amazing benefits of Hsing-i and I Chuan.



P.S. This DVD set will have lots of useful information for anyone practicing qigong and tai chi for health even if you are not a martial artist…Join the Hsing-i Launch List


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Photo by morning_rumtea

Spring is the time of the year when all is awakening, new and fresh. Having just come out of the winter, you plant the seeds that will sustain you for the whole year. So springtime gives you the energy to do.

The spring brings out the energy of the liver, which can bring up one of three possibilities:

  • The neutral aspect of really getting out there and doing things, getting things done–whatever they may be.
  • The negative aspects of anger and frustration–sometimes to a great degree–because you’re not getting things done.
  • The positive aspect of taking the energy to do and turning it into compassionate love. Read More
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Year of the Metal Rabbit – Photo by Zanthia

The Metal Rabbit in 2011

Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit. Last year was the year of the Metal Tiger, and it was a very rough time for many. The Metal Tiger year is known to bring problems, wild swings and much excitement. This previous year also brought things to the surface personally and collectively so that you had to deal with them.

World events that have built up and come to fruition during the Metal Tiger year of 2010-2011, for example the current protests in Egypt and surrounding areas, will be influenced by the peace-loving and harmonious influence of the Metal Rabbit in 2011-2012.

The Rabbit together with the Metal element equals harmony. This year harmony will be pursued, and everything will be made very smooth and even. Some might find this year very boring, but sometimes that is the nature of harmony, it lacks excitement.

The wonderful Tai Chi Master William Chen of New York has been known to say that instead of getting excited, what you need to do is allow yourself to relax.

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Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

The phrase “bones of the all” in the Tao Te Ching is sometimes referred to as meaning something old or ancient, but the true meaning is that all and everything is in the earth.

Taoists hold the position that the earth is a living entity with a consciousness of its own. Just as you have a consciousness, so does the earth. And just as what is most active in your body changes from day to day, the earth also changes.

You have the choice to link with any living being. But what is meant by “linking”? When you go internally, it’s your consciousness that feels inside your body. The way in which anyone can clearly feel inside their brains or bone marrow, for example, is through their consciousness. Read More

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Bruce Frantzis demonstrating Hsing-I with Jess O’Brien

In my 40+ years of working with different forms of energy arts I have found that Hsing-I’s (also called xing yi) first form known as Santi is probably the most powerful method I am aware of that integrate all the elements of your body into one whole. Hsing-I practices like Santi also help your chi develop in the fastest possible process.

Considering the number of different martial and chi development forms on the market this is no small thing. I myself have trained and looked at hundreds of qigong styles. In my opinion, Santi is much stronger and more effective at chi development than any of the standing tai chi postures or any of the standing qigong postures… Read More

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