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Practices for Women

Couple Holds Hands
Couple Holds Hands by Mike Baird

Making love is like cooking a three-course meal. Ideally, you want to make sure all the needed cooking utensils and ingredients are accounted for and working in the kitchen. Everything is present.

First comes the appetizers, or foreplay, which can become a full meal of its own; next, the main course, or intercourse; and finally the dessert—physical satisfaction, release, relaxation and increased post-coital, emotional bonding.

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pregnant-mother-martial-artsPregnant woman Martial Arts photo by dizznbonn

This blog is in response to someone asking about practicing Dragon & Tiger qigong during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women get stagnant Chi at various points during their pregnancy as a natural effect of having a child.  It’s different with some women than others.  There are many things that Dragon and Tiger can be helpful for  in terms of stagnant Chi and Read More

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