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Tai Chi for Seniors

In this video I talk about how I healed my own back with the Yang and Wu Styles of Tai Chi. I hope you find it useful.  Bruce


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TIME magazine has called Tai Chi the “Perfect Exercise.” What’s the big deal, why is it so different from typical exercise and who can benefit from practicing tai chi?

Most of the estimated seven million Americans who practice the ancient art of tai chi do so to increase their health, not for self-defense.

Western medical research studies confirm what hundreds of millions of tai chi practitioners have experienced themselves: tai chi improves health, reduces stress, and mitigates the effects of aging. This summer I will be teaching a Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form Instructor Training in England but lets find out what the research says.

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Bruce Frantzis teaching tai chi on the Beach

Tai Chi is considered a low impact exercise, but there are many other low impact exercises such as aerobics, many forms of dancing and walking. So what exactly is the advantage of practicing tai chi over other low impact exercises?

What is the difference between normal, low impact exercises and tai chi? Is tai chi that much better? Read More

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