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Tai Chi Tips


You say you practice tai chi – but how are you practicing tai chi?

When my children were younger and every time I would come back from Europe, I’d always bring home a collection of coins from any country I visited. My youngest son would take the coins and mush them around, throw them up in the air and shout, “Money, money, money!”

Now, to someone who was three years old, that was money. At most all of it together was maybe two bucks. Take a person making $20,000 a year and having money means making $100,000 a year income. Go to someone making $100,000 a year income and money is having a million or five million dollars a year. It’s all terribly relative. Read More

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Touch Football Game

A ‘Gentle Touch’ Football Game – by mikebaird

Not everyone wants to learn about chi and not everyone wants to learn to meditate. I asked my teacher why he didn’t teach meditation and he replied that most people don’t want to learn it. In later conversations he explained that it has a lot to do with the fact that most people can’t get into what meditation is and just forget about where they’re going to end up. Read More

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Rowers Practicing in the MorningRowers Practicing Early Morning – Photo by tibchris

We currently live in an extremely over-marketed society and you could sum up marketing at one level as getting people excited about a given benefit followed by affirmations – accurate or not – that they have achieved the benefit. Suddenly, they have bragging rights along with an identity based upon the benefit.

However, this process is not what drives people who really want to achieve excellence in any field, subject or sport. Only a very small number of people will do things purely because they will get brownie points, the prestigious title or acknowledgement of some form. Read More

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