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Teaching Tai Chi

Insiders Guide to Tai Chi

Hi folks,

I am happy to release The Insider’s Guide to Tai Chi. It contains 100-pages of information about tai chi and you can download it here. We are going to be releasing the Tai Chi Mastery Program in a few days so stay tuned.

When it comes to exercise and fitness, you have countless choices: weight lifting, running, yoga, Pilates, biking, tennis, golf, cross-fit and other “fad” programs that come and go. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine what is right for you.

So why learn tai chi and why take the time to really learn it right?

I believe tai chi is the future of fitness and exercise. Tai Chi Chuan translated into the English language literally means “the supreme ultimate.” Tai chi is what I call an Uber-exercise because you can do it for health, healing, martial arts and meditation. Read More

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2011 Tai Chi Instructor Training Group

Hi folks,

I am still traveling and currently in Beijing where I am getting ready for an interview with China Radio International. They will be filming me in the park doing tai chi. I have been making short posts about my trip on Facebook if you are interested.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in China but tonight we are thinking of going out for a Peking duck as the closest substitute. If you celebrate the holiday wherever you are located, I hope you enjoy your turkey rather than the dish we saw on the menu yesterday in a restaurant across from our hotel, Student Addicted to Bullfrog. I am not sure what that is but we decided to give it a pass.

Today I wanted to share my gratitude for a few things. Read More

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Bruce Frantzis in the Tai Chi Single Whip Posture

Tai chi can be used as a powerful form of Taoist moving meditation, which starts with balancing the emotions—that is, the emotional energy body. Tai chi can also be practiced to acquire martial arts skill and as a health system.

The latter is what you might see people doing in the park. Although tai chi can also be practiced as meditation, almost all forms widely available are NOT directly connected with a meditation tradition. So if you practice tai chi, you will want to be aware of these distinctions.

Since the Wu Style Tai Chi Instructor Training is coming soon, I thought it would be useful to talk about tai chi and how it connects with emotional well being and specifically the Taoist meditation tradition.

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Bruce teaching Tai Chi in Hawaii

How do you go from Tai Chi student to Tai Chi teacher?

The transition from being a tai chi practitioner to a tai chi teacher or certified instructor can take lots of time and practice. Anything that has any depth usually does.

Add to that the esoteric or spiritual aspect of tai chi, and there are a number of really important considerations that may not figure into the picture with other subjects. When you are teaching something that helps people go inward there are always things that come up both for you and the student. Read More

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Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine traditionally were connected and used together to treat patients in China.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine you can say there are two levels of healing injury, illness and diseases. The first involves hands-on energetic healing work, which can get rather complex with the thousands of meridian lines on the human body. The second involves specific qigong or tai chi exercises that can be taught and learned which often are sufficient to heal a health issue.

But the question is: Can tai chi really heal specific health issues rather than just maintain a good standard of general health and enhanced longevity? Also, how can Tai Chi evolve into a health and healing art in the West?

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Filmed in Crete, Greece 2010 during the Longevity Breathing Instructor Training.

*To view clip in high quality, start playing the video and then change the 360p setting in the bottom right to 720p*

In July of 2011 I will be holding a Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form Instructor Training in England. Read More

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Hi folks,

We get a lot of comments that come into our office. Many send in their thanks for the work and for our instructors teaching tai chi and qigong. I wanted to share an email we received recently and to again thank my instructors for their commitment to teaching.

I would encourage those thinking about becoming instructors in qigong, tai chi or longevity breathing to go for it. Attending an instructor course can be one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and to be of service to others. And for those who have certifications but are not yet teaching, just start a small class because even working with a few people can make a huge difference on those peoples lives (plus your own training will improve dramatically when you have to teach others).

Teaching tai chi and other Taoist energy arts provides people with the tools and practices to face the journey of life:

I would like to thank Bruce Frantzis and his senior instructors for dedicating their lives and talents to communities all over the world. I work as a full time volunteer with the Sisters of Charity in the city of Juarez, Mexico, the twin city of El Paso, Texas. Juarez is widely reported to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world due to an escalating drug war, with approximately 3000 people murdered in 2009. Read More

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