Bagua and Tai Chi: Building the Foundation for Meditation


Stress Reduction and Chi Practice In the Taoist meditation tradition, stress reduction is a critical first step. Early stages of meditation are about teaching you how to relax and balance the energy flows inside your body. Stress destroys chi, leaving people unbalanced, erratic, unfocused and sometimes deranged. Stress breaks down the body and mind. Learning and practicing Tai Chi and Bagua builds the ability of the body and mind to maintain relaxation, presence and balance.  The result is an increased ability to both manage stress, and engage in successful meditation. Once you can manage the stresses of daily life, the subject of the…

Neigong: Fueling Internal Power With Chi


Handed down for thousands of years, the ancient Chinese nei gung tradition of chi cultivation provides a systematic method for transforming body power into one integrated, unified, and dynamic whole. Offering immense benefits for internal and external martial arts practicioners, nei gung promises a body that can move better, faster, with more strength and stamina. The 16-part Internal Power System, described by Master B. K. Frantzis in his compendium of martial arts practices and techniques, The Power of Internal Martial Arts, introduces students to the sophisticated nei gung system discovered and used by Taoists for several thousand years. Ultimately the…

Tai Chi and Acupressure


The Taoist were the source of Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes both acupuncture and acupressure. My neighbor here is Michael Reed Gach and he has been teaching acupressure for X number of years. Both tai chi and qigong help to open up your meridan lines P.S. If you want a map of the energy meridians and points, Michael has the best acupressure chart. If you want to study it, check-out his Home Study Pack.

A Primary Force


Sex is a primary force inside all human beings. If that force is not well expressed in a smooth and balanced way, it can distort a lot of the physical, mental, and emotional processes within people. When the natural flow of life – specifically in the form of sex – is allowed its expression, the resistance to healing all sorts of mental and physical issues in people melts away. I’ve witnessed this in my experience as a Taoist Priest in China, studying Taoist Sexual Meditation. We could have less violence, we could have dramatically less corruption, thievery, and exploitation of each…